Murray versus Nadal: The Scottish Play?

Before a performance of Shakespeare’s Scottish Play, the members of the cast often wish theselves the curious ‘good luck’ wish “Break a leg”. Is that what someone said to Andy Murray before the French Open Tennis tournament?

The top four contest the semis

This has been a weird French Open. And yet the top four players all got through to the Semi-finals. Nadal, world number one plays Scottish hope Andy Murray.
Nadal has been considered invincible on clay for some while. But this year Djokovic has had a record-bustinbg run of wins on all surfaces and will replace Nadal as world number one if he beats Roger Federer today [June 3rd 2011].

Weird, Nadal style

Nadal has had a weird tourament. In press conerences he says he isn’t playing well enough to win the event this time. It’s balls. The balls are an innovation by being just a bit smaller than usual. (Who would have thought that would have been legal? Sepp Blatter wouldn’t have allowed that, although maybe Bernie Ecclestone might have). The new balls make for a faster game which sems to have knocked the peerless Nadal off his rhythm. But in the quarter final his form perked up, and his self-belief returned.

Weird, Andy style

Andy weird was the story of a crocked ankle sustained in an early round. The injured Murray limped and dodged his way onward, like Nadal protesting the unlikely chances of his winning the tournament.

Murray versus Nadal

But after the quarter-finals, both players declared themselves possible winners of the event. Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer both may have something to say about that. All we can do is offer that old Scottish wish-well “break a leg”.

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