The Virtuous Book Club. Help us suggest a name

July 22, 2022

Catherine Hull our super scribe and editor of our newsletter from Everyday Creativity suggested that TudoRama should form its own book club. I like the idea a lot.To use the expression suggested at the foundation of our Podcast

Listen to the podcast here.

we are becoming a community of poddlers starting to create a podcasting community. This will be supported by the long-established blog Leaders we Deserve, and its offspring Everyday Creativity.

We already know our subscribers have a love of reading. So, as a first step to founding our virtual bookclub we need a name. My first idea The Virtuous Book Club.
My second thought, that in the spirit of a creative community, we should invite our wider network to come up with a better name.
So suggestions welcomed.

Then there’s the choice of book. Tell us about a book you are reading and why you like it.

Thank you for your continuing support and contributions,