How to Create great groan-worthy puns. A lesson from a master.

February 15, 2023

Puns are great examples of every day creativity. Checking on its meaning, I learned that

‘ Pun (also called paronomasia) is a play on words or the humorous use of a word emphasizing a different meaning or application. They have been called by some “the lowest form of humor” ‘.

A Sniffy Attitude

This rather sniffy attitude has not prevented the survival of puns to the present day from its 18th century critics. I started collecting puns from Twitter some months ago and discovered a disproportionate number were being produced by a few punsters. One such goes under the Twitter label TollyTB who describes himself as
a bacon, butty munching ex-rugby player older than the pyramids application order. He adds that oval balls are harder to juggle.

A Conversation with a Master Punster

I’ve recently found myself in Twitter conversation with Tolly after the following tweet

I once invented a new microphone , but I received some really bad feedback.

I replied

One of your top tweets. Do you make then up, or pass them on?

Some are my own, but as with many jokes, there’s a large amount of rehashed ones.

Bonus point for honest answer. Do you do standup?

I occasionally stand up, but prefer to lounge on the sofa.

Thought I could squeeze another out of you. How about a rugby one after the weekend’s fantasy matches?

Pen rugby club v Crayola Rugby club. Result: A draw.

Twitter can be a mirthless medium. We need a few more punsters like Tolly TB to get the groan content a little higher.

[To be continued, here and maybe on Twitter