Jurgen Klopp is December Leader of the Month

December 19, 2021

Jurgen Klopp is Leader of the Month, December 2021. In a typical Press interview reported in the Mirror, (December 18th) he illustrates why.
Jurgen Klopp has regularly shown leadership qualities as Manager of Liverpool football club. In a press conference when the Omicron variant was emerging in the UK, he outlines why he feels he has to take a strong line against non-vaccinated players.

‘ If a player is not vaccinated at all, he is a constant threat for all of us. He doesn’t want to be a threat, of course, it is not that he thinks, “Oh my God, I don’t care about the others,” but he is [a threat] and we have to find different scenarios. ‘

He goes on to say that any newly recruited unvaccinated player would have to live a totally secluded professional life, eating and travelling, and even training, in isolation from other players.

This is a principled statement both of clear beliefs and a practical statement of a well-worked out plan. It is in stark contrast to the self-inflicted bumbling of political leaders in the news recently.


LWD leader of the month is Nichola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland

June 2, 2020



LWD leader for May 2020 was chosen from four political leaders currently in a political struggle over autonomy, while dealing with the Coronavirus crisis. The winner was Nichola Sturgeon, for her performances in the daily press conferences reporting on the Coronavirus news.

The four nations championship

The differences in policy reminds me in some ways of a battle such as the rugby union championship (known as the four nations championship before their numbers swelled to today’s six.
The original four nations championship contenders were England, Scotland, Ireland (combined NI and Republic) and Wales. This month’s political battles can be seen a struggle between the leaders of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and England, the last represented by the Leader of the Government in Westminster.

The Candidates

The candidates for LWD leader of the month are therefore
Nichola Sturgeon, Scotland
Arlene Foster, N. Ireland
Mark Drakeford, Wales
Boris Johnson , Prime Minister of the Parliament representing the four nations.

The West Lothian question

At the start of of the month [May 2020] tensions are building up between the leaders representing the devolved political administrations of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales on one hand, and the leader of the Westminster Government.
There is no Parliament of England (although it has its advocates). The Westminster Parliament has representatives from England, but also from the other parts of the United Kingdom.
This is what one commentator likened to a re-run of the West Lothian question.

Border complications

The complications implied in the West Lothian question around borders continued, as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland administrations decided to exercise their rights by departing from the Westminster policy over easing the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.
The first impact was border complications, with people from England free to cross the border but then having to accept different rules once across. Later, the opening up of schools became another dilemma.
Polite efforts were made to indicate shared values and goals, but tensions were to remain. Boris Johnson had the more difficult task of speaking as Prime Minister of all four nations, and sometimes for England in this current divergence of views.

The Daily press conferences

All four countries held daily press conferences. Sturgeon, Foster, and Drakeford choose to lead the meetings every day. Johnson took to team approach, with various cabinet ministers who became daily celebrities among the political commentators in MSD and internet communities.This kept him largely out of the limelight.

Towards the end of the month he gained publicity of an unwelcome kind in what became known as the Cummingsgate affair. (More in future posts).

The Sturgeon challenge

Nichola Sturgeon took on the challenge in exemplary fashion. Although facing inevitable distractors from political opponents, there has been wide consensus that her daily performances have been successful. In comparison, with one exception, the Boris substitutes have ranged from adequate to abysmal. (The exception, The Chancellor, Ricci Sunakwho had fewer opportunities to shine. However, he seems to have been favoured as a future leader of the Conservative party  by the supportive MSM papers. A future candidate for the LWD award?)

Sturgeon’s meetings took place in the early afternoon, and were covered more intensively than those of the other leaders, which did not attract the same attention outside their national news outlets.The challenge for all the leaders facing the press was communicating bad news including daily new deaths, with clarity and empathy.
Sturgeon was a convincing communicator. The train wrecks involving others were the right words came out, but increasingly appearing that they were being spoken uncomfortably from a script provided them.

In all, Nichola Sturgeon is a worthy winner of the LWD Leader of the Month award