How to live a long and fulfilled life

February 20, 2023

Guardian journalist Phillipa Kelly carried out interviews with 100 centenarians. The summary of her results reported recently offers excellent material for a research study

Her article has the title 

‘100 tips for a life well-lived’

Shortly after I started reading the article, I had that feeling which accompanies everyday creativity. There is something very interesting being reported. The information would make the basis for a study of creativity.

I begun the task in the hope of finding how creativity may play a part in well-being.

My working notes are provided here for such a study. They are very much in research notebook form. Each post will report 10 items for subsequent analysis

TR 20 February 2023

Tom Hennessey 100 RAF pilot Respecting other people and listening to them.

Dorothy Marley 100 executive secretary. Avoiding hurting people. Feeling good about yourself.

Pat Bishop 101 drama director. Being involved with people. Trying new things.

Edward Toms. 102 army officer a sense of humour involved with others, especially significant others

Amelia Mendel 106 actor having an interesting life engaged with others

Doris Martin typist keeping an active mind doing things having family


Nurse and activist 105 moderation keep your family together don’t be stuck in the past

Fernando winemaker read and remain curious don’t get lazy be active

Nikki 103 Air Force and hotel manager 

Accept challenges. Plenty of reading. Get up early


A teacher. Plenty of fun and laughter 

The first ten

Dangerous to judge prematurely. I shall be making my own conclusions up but not publishing them yet.

I wonder what yours might me. Do let me know.