Jurgen Klopp is December Leader of the Month

December 19, 2021

Jurgen Klopp is Leader of the Month, December 2021. In a typical Press interview reported in the Mirror, (December 18th) he illustrates why.
Jurgen Klopp has regularly shown leadership qualities as Manager of Liverpool football club. In a press conference when the Omicron variant was emerging in the UK, he outlines why he feels he has to take a strong line against non-vaccinated players.

‘ If a player is not vaccinated at all, he is a constant threat for all of us. He doesn’t want to be a threat, of course, it is not that he thinks, “Oh my God, I don’t care about the others,” but he is [a threat] and we have to find different scenarios. ‘

He goes on to say that any newly recruited unvaccinated player would have to live a totally secluded professional life, eating and travelling, and even training, in isolation from other players.

This is a principled statement both of clear beliefs and a practical statement of a well-worked out plan. It is in stark contrast to the self-inflicted bumbling of political leaders in the news recently.