Don’t mention the B-word

July 23, 2021

It was never going to be freedom day, the slogan of choice for the Express. Even the PM has sounded increasing notes of caution as the proclaimed day of liberation approached…

As the media-claimed day of freedom approached, it was becoming increasing clear we are heading for seriously difficult waters in a ship that seemed to be holed somewhere below the waterline.

Just as liberation from Brexit day was to to leave unresolved legacy issues, so has freedom day. Even Brexit could not be completely banished by government edict (‘don’t mention the word Brexit’ Boris Johnson in Basil Faulty mode instructed his cabinet, shortly after the bongs for Brexit rang out). 

Now, even the invocation of the sacred vaccination figures is not enough to dispel fears that freedom remains a noble aspiration rather than lifetime change for the oppressed.

There may be other ways of dealing with Freedom day. I became aware of the way I have become possessed by an all-consuming project. It has become an unthinking way of life involving early morning scan of the newspapers, regular monitoring of news bulletins and political discussion programmes, dnd (since Covid 19 arrived) recording salient statistics of infection cases and mortality figures.

Once I realised what had happened to me, It took a split-second to break free.  I don’t need to do those things slavishly. I have a choice. I could end documentary evidence on the symbolically significant day. In that sense, it is my very own freedom day.

So what will I do next?

To be continued …