Chronicles of Leadership (Audio Chapters Guide)

November 5, 2022

This post is to support the Buzzsprout audio-materials on my first fictional book Chronicles of Leadership. Readers can catch up with chapters, as they are added to this post.

Prelude and Chapter 1. Three Unconnected Events

Chapter 2. Wendy Lockinge. A New Career

Chapter 3. Montague Beamer’s Beehive

Chapter 4. John Keane’s First Weeks at Urmston

Chapter 5. [Flashback] Why John Keane left Meniscus Laboratories

Chapter 6. Visitors to a Sick Bed

Chapter 7. A Slow Recovery

Chapter 8. Jessica starts her detective agency

Chapter 9. The librarian has landed

Chapter 10. A sudden death

Chapter 11. A funeral takes place



September 9, 2013


The unexplained death of a scientist, and a surge of drugs on campus force Vice Chancellor Wendy Lockinge to return reluctantly to her skills as a senior police officer. Her daughter Jessica who wants to become a detective thinks she can do better…

So begins the marketing blurb to The Chronicles of Leadership by Tudor Rickards. The story moves from the University to the scientist’s laboratory, and to a local zoo whose animals are under threat from a mysterious visitor. Wendy recruits a team which includes a student activist, an expert in theories of everything, and a researcher into leadership who has his own secrets to conceal, including his relationship with an ambitious local journalist. The team unearths a criminal scheme that has to be stopped before its shattering consequences are felt around the world.

The Chronicles and Leaders We Deserve

A few years ago I thought there was a book on leadership to be extracted from the six hundred posts published through the Leaders We Deserve blog. Since then, the project has changed. The Chronicles of Leadership turned into a detective story.

A few willing volunteers are following the fictional adventures of Wendy Lockinge and her daughter Jessica chapter by chapter. I will shortly face a leadership dilemma of publishing in traditional or electronic format (or both).

The author

According to the blurb, The author of Chronicles of Leadership has written or edited fifteen non-fiction business textbooks, is founder of the blog Leaders We Deserve, and appears from time to time in the media on his specialist interests of creativity and leadership.

Pythagoras the python

In the book, Pythagoras the python featured above plays a part in a demonstration of snake-whispering. This goes badly wrong when Pythagoras attacks a Professor of Management.