Chronicles of Leadership (Audio Chapters Guide)

November 5, 2022

This post is to support the Buzzsprout audio-materials on my first fictional book Chronicles of Leadership. Readers can catch up with chapters, as they are added to this post.

Prelude and Chapter 1. Three Unconnected Events

Chapter 2. Wendy Lockinge. A New Career

Chapter 3. Montague Beamer’s Beehive

Chapter 4. John Keane’s First Weeks at Urmston

Chapter 5. [Flashback] Why John Keane left Meniscus Laboratories

Chapter 6. Visitors to a Sick Bed

Chapter 7. A Slow Recovery

Chapter 8. Jessica starts her detective agency

Chapter 9. The librarian has landed

Chapter 10. A sudden death

Chapter 11. A funeral takes place