Newsletter 24-30 April 2023

Podcasts of the week

A surprise phone call from a proud mum. (Unedited clip, but the most downloaded TudoRama podcast this week)

Hollywood comes to Wrexham. A Celtic Blockbuster

News Headlines

Monday 24 April
Armed forces evacuate U.K. embassy staff from Sudan. Brith ex pats advised to ‘shelter in place’ and register on the Foreign Office website.
The Coronation has renewed debate on the continued viability of the Monarchy.
Strictly Come Dancing judge Len Goodman dies. The soon-to-be Queen Camilla makes public her regret.

Tuesday 25 April
Morning headlines call for more rapid response for the rescue of British citizens in Sudan.
Headlines shared with news of the death of Len Goodman.
In America the departure of top Shock Jock Tucker Carlson from Fox News sends Fox shares tumbling to add to last week’s financial losses of $800 million to Dominion Voting Machine Systems over its false claims of election rigging.

Wednesday 26 April
Evacuation of British citizens from Sudan begins.
The Govt legislation on immigration passes the House of Commons. Even if in place, it requires special consideration by the Home Secretary before being able to deal with young refugees from most of the world, including Sudan

Thursday 26 April
Coronation stories are increasingly appearing in the press and their electronic offspring. Leader in waiting of the N Ireland, Sinn Féin’s vice-president, Michelle O’Neill, is to attend the coronation of King Charles, marking another step away from the party’s strict Irish republican heritage.
Prince Harry’s legal dispute with press continues with unwelcome accusations of the now King Charles as having paid the press substantial amounts of hush money over stories involving Harry’s mum Princess Diana, who was Charles’s wife.

Friday 28 April
The uneasy ceasefire in Sudan is extended. The rescue of British Passport holders continues. Sudanese passport holders including doctors working in the NHS are as yet not able to return to the country.
The report by Adam Heppingstall has reached the PM. In hours, Richard Sharp resigns as chairman of the BBC.

Saturday 29 April
Strikes start and end in dizzying succession among nurses, transport workers, ambulance drivers, teachers … (might have missed some).
The Express focuses on the big stories. Baby tries to snatch Kate’s handbag. Lineker continues his dangerous attack on our British values.

Sunday 30 April
Rescue flights from Sudan to England ends as new ceasefire breaks down.
Nurses strike action begins. Govt utters dire warnings but negotiations remain on hold.
A man who ran the London Marathon with a fridge on his back has the feat accepted by the Guinness Book of Records.
People watching the Coronation will be invited to join a “chorus of millions” to swear allegiance to the King and his heirs.

Headline of the week


TudoRama teaser

Pizza meals hit the headlines a few years ago with a story involving a member of the Royal Family.
Why was a pizza in the news again this week?

Twitter Wit and Wisdom

Opposition demands Dominic Raab un-resigns so that Rishi Sunak can sack him

Here were the final moments of @TuckerCarlson Tonight – #Tucker’s final guest was the pizza deliveryman who tripped up a suspected car thief. The driver – Tyler Morrell – brought a bunch of pizzas, so the two sat and ate them while mocking the thief.

The BBC chairman should not be selected by the government of the day. Not now, not ever.

Many might feel relieved at the prospect of a prime minister who writes the sort of book that offers “detailed analysis of the Human Rights Act 1998”. But these books are not what you would call rollicking.

Woodpeckers have very cool tongues.

Answer to Tudorama teaser

As explained on Twitter, the story was the removal of top commentator Tucker Carlson of Fox News:
Here were the final moments of TuckerCarlson Tonight show. – His final guest was the pizza deliveryman who tripped up a suspected car thief. The driver – Tyler Morrell – brought a bunch of pizzas, so the two sat and ate them while mocking the thief, Carlson unaware he would not be returning to the show.
(Bonus point if you remembered the pizza parlour alibi offered by Prince Andrew in his BBC interview. TR)


‘Horrid Henry’ by Francesca Simon
Sells itself to demanding young readers 8+. Now out in multi-story formats

Shadow Play by Joseph O’Conner

Excellent and beautifully written. It tells the story of Bram Stoker when he worked at the Garrett Theatre for Henry Irving. Ellen Terry is another character with passing appearances of Yeats and Wilde.

Blind Spot, by Paula Hawkins
Follow-up by best-selling author of The Girl on the Train
Recommended by the @readingagency


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