Newsletter 10-17 April 2023

Newsletter 10-17 April

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My article, Creativities: the what, how, who, where and why of the creative process, has now been published in Action Learning: Research and Practice, Volume 20 Issue 1. I get 50 free online copies ‘to share with my networks’. As a valued subscriber to Leaders we deserve, please order one via

Podcast of the week

‘I did it my way’. I analyse the BBC interview with Elon Musk. The podcast is the most downloaded this year.

News Headlines

Monday 11 April
Jon Rahm wins the US golf Open. Several commentators unable to resist comment that it was the birthday of fellow Spaniard, the much-loved Sevvy Ballesteros, ‘looking down with pleasure on Rahm’.
25th Anniversary of the signing of the Good Friday agreement. An illegal parade in Londonderry with minor demonstrations with petrol bombs, but without casualties.
Another disgruntled worker of a bank in Louisville, Kentucky adds to the toll of gun killings in America.

Tuesday 12 April
Junior Doctors’ strike begins.
Biden arrives Northern Ireland to mark the Good Friday agreement anniversary. Unfortunately, the planned visit the Parliament was quietly dropped, due to its continued self-suspension for over a year,

Wednesday 13 April
Elon Musk gives an unexpected and frank interview to James Clayton of the BBC, his local reporter. A business case study on leadership, including the takeover of Twitter. Biden’s brief public appearance at a new University campus is greeted with approval for his pledge to continue support for the peace process in its new shape of the Windsor agreement. Finds time for even briefer meetings with Rishi Sunak as well as with local leaders, before heading for the Republic.
Coincidentally, cross border collaboration has been shown in the announcement today of a joint Ireland/U.K. bid for the European Nations Football Championships in 2028.

Thursday 14 April
Hardly noted in the British press, Biden’s visit takes less than a day in Northern Ireland including a few minutes with Rishi Sunak, and then three days in the Republic.
Far more headlines today about the wife of a minor royal not attending her father in law’s promotion do.

Friday 15 April
Junior Doctors four day strike ends with no sign of a resolution. Nurses in England are voting on the offer of 5% made to them.
In America, a junior intelligence agent has been arrested for the leak of 50-100 Pentagon military top-secret documents,

Saturday 15 April
Nurses vote to reject the 5% offer and announce their next industrial action for early May.
The American intelligence offer Jack Teixeira turns out to be a right-wing fantasist using top- secret information to influence his social network group. He faces a near lifetime imprisonment sentence.
Grand National disrupted by animal rights protesters. 118 arrested.

Sunday 16 April

A power struggle in Sudan leaves over fifty civilians killed.
None of the protestors at against animal cruelty at the Grand National was injured. The third horse of the meeting died.
Building of ‘Smart’ Motorways to be discontinued in England after concerns over their safety.

Headline of the week
Nominated by @Paddy Briggs from the Telegraph
British parrot missing for four years returns only speaking Spanish. No news about progress in relearning English.

TudoRama teaser
I learned this week the correct way to address someone coming from Michigan, USA.
Any guesses?

Twitter Wit and Wisdom

That awkward moment when a Brexit loon tried to set fire to an EU flag but it wouldn’t burn because it meets EU regulations on flammable materials.

‘When a clown moves into a palace he doesn’t become a king, but the palace becomes a circus.’ Turkish proverb.

It blows my mind that so many Americans can believe in God while simultaneously watching children being massacred 🤯. Why the need for guns if God is looking out for you?

Kate Middleton breaks royal protocol with bold Easter manicure
Newsflash: adult woman gets her nails done.

If I’m reading their lips correctly…
My neighbours are arguing about some creepy lady who lives next door

A man is ordering at a restaurant, “Do you think you could bring me what that gentleman over there is having?”
The waiter looks at him sternly, “No sir, I’m very sure he intends to eat it himself.”

Answer to Tudorama teaser
According to the State Governor in his Easter message, the answer is a Michigander.

Unscripted, by James Stewart and Rachel Abrams
Biography of a business tyrant which who could serve as script for a popular TV series.
[‘Riveting because its cast is so awful’, The Economist]

A Flaw in the Design, by Nathan Oates
Family drama after the all-too-common plot device of an automobile crash.
A psychological thriller by debut American author.
[‘Great characterisation ….’ The Guardian]

Bear and Bird. The Picnic and Other Stories, by Jarvis
For 5+ readers

Tuesday with Morrie
An inspiring and moving classic.
[Recommended by Sarah and Lindsay]


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