The Secret of the Stars


Alicia Sedano Funcia
James Stuart Black
Roman Shcherbakov
Oleg Zakharov
Liu Chunfeng

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Megan who lived with her mother and father close to a forest, far away from their nearest neighbor

One day, while walking in the forest, Megan said to herself, ‘I wish I had a friend I could talk with’. Then a voice said, ‘I could be your friend’

‘Who said that?’ There was nobody around. ‘Down here!’ Megan looked to the place where the voice was coming from, but there was nobody there. Suddenly something moved. ‘What was that?!’ It looked like a mushroom… it couldn’t be… But it was! The mushroom was talking to her!

‘I can be your friend’ said the mushroom again. ‘I would love to go home with you, to a nice place, where it is calm and safe’. ‘What are you talking about?’ said Megan. She had been walking around that forest since she was 5 years old and had never considered it to be a dangerous place.

Suddenly, she heard a noise right behind her. ‘Oh no!’- the mushroom screamed ‘It’s too
late. Run little girl!’ Megan could see a tall shape running towards them. Without thinking
she took the mushroom and started running as fast as she could. Luckily for her, she knew
the forest perfectly. There was a hole in the side of the mountain, with an entrance so small
only a little girl could fit.

After they entered, she could hear the mysterious creature outside, trying to fit through the crack. After a while, it seemed as if he got tired, and after a long scream, the noise stopped. ‘What was that?’ – Megan asked her new friend. ‘That was Gobble the Goblin. He is a monster. He ate all my brothers and sisters, one by one. During his last attack I managed to escape, and I found myself alone… I think that I am the only one left…’

‘Well, at least here you will be safe. Mushrooms like humid and dark places, right? A cave seems like the perfect place for you to live’.
‘It actually looks quite nice…’ – the mushroom started to smile.
‘And wait until I show you the lights.’
‘Lights? Which lights? We are in a cave…’
If we walk a bit further’ – started to explain Megan – ‘there is a room where the ceiling looks as if it was covered in stars. Do you wanna see it?’

Now it was the mushroom who was confused. ‘Stars? I never saw the stars from the bottom of the forest, but I heard they are beautiful’ ‘
Let’s go to them!’ – Megan put him on her shoulder again.

The mushroom suddenly saw what they were. ‘Mushrooms’ – he cried – Beautiful mushrooms. See how they gleam like stars all around the top of the cave!!’

As soon as he pronounced those words, Megan started to hear a noise she had never heard in her previous visit to the cavern. It was like a soft song, sung by a million voices at the same time. The lights on the ceiling seemed to move, like the dancing northern lights. She smiled. Her new friend wasn’t alone after all!

In that cavern, away from the terrible Goblin the mushroom could live happy ever after. And that’s what he did.

Megan still often visits him as often as she can, and she has got to spend time with all his new family.

But what happened to the Goblin? We don’t really know, but nobody in the forest ever heard about him again.


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