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Newsletter w/e Sunday 4 December 2022

Pleased to have contributed a presentation on Friday via Zoom to the 30th Anniversary celebratory programmes of the Edward de Bono Institute at the University of Malta. My host Professor Sandra Dingli reminded me of my involvement in the early years of the institute with herself and Edward deBono.

Blogpost of the week

‘Where are you really from?’ An uncomfortable meeting at Buckingham Palace

Podcast of the week

How much water do you need to drink every day? The answer might surprise you

News headlines

Monday 28 November
Unusually vigorous protests in China over strict COVID measures after fire deaths in
a buildings where exits had been closed. Easing restrictions risks over a million deaths from the current variants.
Major international success against drug traffickers in Europe includes seizure of 30 tons of drugs, confiscation of assets, and arrest of the six most-wanted figures.
British commentator at the World Cup ‘I must confess I enjoyed the atmosphere in the stadium without the alcohol’

Tuesday 29 November
US Soccer will restore the Islamic Republic emblem to Iran’s flag after briefly removing it. “We wanted to show our support for the women in Iran with our graphic for 24 hours.”
State-affiliated Tasnim reports the Iranian FF will ask FIFA to ban the #USMNT for 10 games.
PM Rishi Sunak takes tougher line on UK’s China policy, in his first Foreign Policy speech.

Wednesday 30 November
Celebrations and mourning in the World Cup as England progress, and knock out their neighbour, Wales.
New drug for Alzheimer’s disease offers promise for slowing down its progression, and dealing with underlying processes.
Story emerging of a leader of a racial-abuse charity, who herself had a racially-abusive encounter with a Palace aide at a charity function. [See also the podcast of the week]

Thursday 1 December
The racial abuse story becomes headline news, with interviews with Ngazi Fulani. The resignation of the aide, Lady Hussey, quickly follows, with statements from the Palace and the PM that racism was unacceptable.
Elon Musk continues to receive bad headlines for his clumsy management of Twitter, and possible a reduced attention to his core business, Tesla.

Friday 2 December
Newspaper headlines preoccupied with royalty news. The racism story retains traction. As does the Netflix production of the Harry and Megan biopic.
Morning news, in contrast, offers only modest mention of the Chester by-election with a resounding win for the labour candidate. Although the victory anticipated, the swing of over 60% was worse than the expectations of the pundits.

Saturday 3 December
The EU takes further steps to ‘reduce Russian profiteering’ by introducing an energy cap.
In the U.K. Children are succumbing to the deadly Strep A infection. This is a new worry catching the attention of the morning newspapers. It’s what used to be known more commonly as Scarlet Fever.
Two respected entertainers also make the headlines. Elton John announces his plan to retire after headlining at the Glastonbury 2023. Peter Kay starts his marathon series of 110 performances over the next three years, anticipated to reach over million people in live audiences.

Sunday 4 December
Putin warms of consequences of EU’s ban on its oil exports.
In England, the -under strain NHS is to be supported by transfer of some responsibilities to pharmacies.
As our Newsletter draws to a close, England prepares to continue the dream of repeating its glory of 1964 by ‘bringing football home’ … Fans in Qatar’s ‘Red Lion’ styled pubs prepare to buy £10 ($12) pints of warm beer in celebration or to drown their sorrows.

Christine McVie (1943-2022)

Christine McVie, Singer and songwriter of Fleetwood Mac died Wednesday. Her song ‘Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow’ was made the theme music of Bill Clinton’s successful Presidential campaign.

Wit and Wisdom of Twitter

@Bill Clinton
I’m saddened by the passing of Christine McVie. “Don’t Stop” was my ’92 campaign theme song – it perfectly captured the mood of a nation eager for better days. I’m grateful to Christine & Fleetwood Mac for entrusting us with such a meaningful song. I will miss her

US Soccer will restore the Islamic Republic emblem to Iran’s flag after briefly removing it. “We wanted to show our support for the women in Iran with our graphic for 24 hours.” State-affiliated Tasnim reports the Iranian FF will ask FIFA to ban the #USMNT for 10 games.
In this tweet, the USA national soccer team account account has insulted our flag and nationality by removing the emblem of Allah in the middle of the Iranian flag, we request legal action from FIFA.

According to the latest population figures we have been invaded by atheists.
Bloody illegal immigrants. They should bugger off back to Athia.


No Plan B by Lee Child
Latest Jack Reacher thriller by Lee Child, now collaborating in his efforts. Guaranteed to win approval of his huge audience of fans.

Death comes to Pemberley by P.D.James
Affectionate homage to Jane Austin, in an imagined follow-up to Pride and Predudice by a consummate writer of crime novels.

Hayek by Bruce Caldwell and Hansjoerg Klausiger
A contribution to the history of economic thought. ‘We’ll-written …offering enough – but not too much – theory’ according to the Economist’

Children’s books

The Breakfast Club Adventures, by Marcus Rashford with Alex Falasi-Koya
Marcus Rashford is England’s new celebrity footballer and social activist. This book is with children’s author Falasi-Koya. It is about the adventures of young Marcus. ( 8-11 year olds).

A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson
A wonderful book. Highly recommended.

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