Dominic Raab and Angela Rayner Duke it out at PMQs

My shorthand is not up to Pitman’s standard so these notes may require a little concentration for some less than nerdy about parliamentary fisticuffs

PM is away in Bali smoozing w. other world leaders. 

Deputies stand in

Raab, deputy head boy vs Raynor, opposing deputy head girl.

Tough for Raab.

Yesterday was accused of bullying

First Rayner question

Why is he here?

Raab has defence 

Immediately called for enquiry against himself

Now has to wait before saying more

Rayner attacks with several short jabs about his alleged bullying

Raab’s defence immaculate.

The judges assess round by round scores

Possible to assess the fighters as qualifiers for a future tilt for the PM crown

Raab has already tried, defeated by Truss at last attempt.

Rayner tipped as tough fighter, strong working class credentials 

These give her an advantage over most contestants.

In earlier bout did a good trash-talk calling opponents scum.

Both training camps weakened by internal splits.

The new Champ, Rishi, is said to be vulnerable to infighting. 

Raab trained in Judo but his attempts to gain inner calm need more work

If the title is up for grabs he may falter 

Starmer from Rayner’s training camp is steady, but lacks Rayner’s willingness for infighting. 

Starmer is likely to take on Rishi for the undisputed championship sometime in the year.

But if he slips up Rainer will step up and compete for the crown as undefeated champion of Westminster.


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