Sustainable Bramhall

The village square, Bramhall, is the pivot around which the community orbits. Well-trodden pathways converge to the nucleus of our community. It also carries news of an environmental group, Sustainable Bramhall

There is a mini-playground for mini-people, surrounded by all the services any resident could want. A Sainsbury’s, a Pizza house, An Optician’s, Solicitors, Dog-grooming parlour, Oxfam, Gift shops, Herbal remedies (‘Free Hormone Advice’), guitar lessons, a coffee and ice cream parlour, and more. 

There is the free book exchange, excellent for assessing the discarded favourites too dog-eared for Oxfam(Fifty Shades of Grey held the record number of discards, for several months earlier in the year). 

Then the village notice board. Events, and services of all kinds being offered or wanted.

One notice catches my eye. It is from Sustainable Bramhall & Bramhall’s Green Network.

I am interested. Do we have a battalion of biowarriors embedded in our slumbering leafy suburb? Should I convert my passive support for green causes into direct action, chaining myself to the village pump? (Sorry, got carried away. We don’t have a village pump).

I am tempted, and note down the contact email.

Back home, I send a message. 

A quick reply. I am to meet two members of Sustainable Bramhall at the nearby Church Cafe. My eco-adventure begins.

To be continued …


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