Normal service will not be resumed until there is a sanity reset 

September 18, 2022

Anyone out there at some other level of consciousness?  

I am painfully prodding out my message at around 10 kpm (keystrokes per minute). It is possible the mortal remains of our late Queen will be laid  to rest next Monday before you receive this.

I prod from the car workshop, at which my ageing Aygo has miserably failed its MOT.  Discussions have confirmed the car can be rescued from the scrapyard though assorted transplants. The rescue costs about the same as a 10 day  Viking cruise up the Norwegian fyords to see the  Northern Lights

Emergency steps, a plan B, are being worked out. The news distracts me from the other slings and arrows of outrageous fortune which have landed recently.

It was last Monday when assorted events prompted me to contact my network provider which I will refer to as Chat Chat (CC for short) to deal with very slow speed Wi-Fi 

After much struggle with a service engineer who was operating his own version of Ground Hog day, I lost contact   The slow speed Wi-Fi has been transformed to  no Wi-Fi at al. 

The following day I returned to battle, led my gardener Mike who has been reassigned to IT duties. The record of the conversation with the Chat Chat engineer can found on the brief Podcast available via Buzzsprout

‘We will work on this dilemma gently and call you back in two days’ the CC man assured me

Two days pass. Guess what? Diligence did not extend to fixing my IT problem or to calling back.

The Matrix

I am forced to re-renter the Matrix-like world of Chat Chat. The same, or maybe someone sounding the same, CC person or Bot takes me through a lengthier version of the trial. I learn an even higher-level team will now work diligently to fix it and call me back.

I am no longer surprised when I receive  no further message. My system has reached dead parrot territory.

I remain bloodied and more than a bit bowed. Down but not out. A plan is emerging involving a courtesy car and camping out with people at places with WiFi . 

Are you still out there? Are you receiving me?  Will I eventually return to Planet Earth? Preferably in the early years of the 21st century. Meanwhile I suspect further adventures lie ahead.