The Virtuous Book Club. Help us suggest a name

Catherine Hull our super scribe and editor of our newsletter from Everyday Creativity suggested that TudoRama should form its own book club. I like the idea a lot.To use the expression suggested at the foundation of our Podcast

Listen to the podcast here.

we are becoming a community of poddlers starting to create a podcasting community. This will be supported by the long-established blog Leaders we Deserve, and its offspring Everyday Creativity.

We already know our subscribers have a love of reading. So, as a first step to founding our virtual bookclub we need a name. My first idea The Virtuous Book Club.
My second thought, that in the spirit of a creative community, we should invite our wider network to come up with a better name.
So suggestions welcomed.

Then there’s the choice of book. Tell us about a book you are reading and why you like it.

Thank you for your continuing support and contributions,


One Response to The Virtuous Book Club. Help us suggest a name

  1. says:

    Hi Tudor,

    My ideal book club would involve a group of people each talking about a recent book they have read but rather than all reading and then discussing the same book they would all have read different books that might provoke comment or discussion.

    Travel to a book group is a problem so Zoom would be better.

    A possible name ? Books R Us. Being virtuous does not appeal !!

    Following a recent Portico lunch meeting the following passage was included in my post

    . One of them talked at the last lunch about Caroline Ekins’s latest book The Legacy of Violence which led into an extended discussion of the historiography of the British Empire (including an excellent book that I had just read called Empireland by Sathnam Sanghera).

    Hope this helps and that you are keeping well and still slicing your forehand.



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