Choosing a New Prime Minister. The Beauty Contests continue

Charismatic Kemi Badenoch reminds me of another politician who once won a party’s affections.

I was alerted to the admiration being showered on Charismatic Kemi through the Daily Mail. The paper had been discarded outside a Deli, in the left-leaning borough of Hampstead on Medlock recently. Seizing it for disposal in one of the plentiful rubbish bins, I glanced at its contents.
I Read on, learning much more about the also recently discarded Kemi, now ejected from the leadership contest despite her impressive performances.
The article was written by Richard Kay, Editor at Large at The Mail. His prophetic words were burning themselves into my memory.

Until a couple of weeks ago, almost no one outside Government circles and her Essex constituency had heard of Kemi Badenoch.
Today, not only is she a household name with huge numbers of admirers on the Tory Right, she is also being taken seriously as a possible future party leader,
Most people think this contest has come too soon for her, and she is a long shot to reach the final two contenders. But she is already being tipped for a major Cabinet post in the next Government. It is easy to see why her ‘small state’, anti-woke platform is winning support. She has become the poster girl for the culture wars and someone who does not shrink from confrontation, wading into arguments over race and radical trans-activism with the gusto of a political street fighter

I take it that these policies are approved of by Mr Philips and his proprietors.

He goes on to list Charismatic Kemi’s glittering credentials for GOAT, greatest of all Tory leader candidates. Kemi has a background story that includes the necessary stint of childhood poverty (in Nigeria).
She rises above poverty, as fortunes turn for her family, who chose British citizenship for the unborn Kemi. Even after her removal as candidate this week, her political future seems secure whoever becomes Prime Minister in September.

I read on, advancing slowly towards the rubbish bin. As I did, I thought of anther charismatic young politician, active from a time before these days of branded TV-friendly figures.

The person I had in mind was the future once, (as another politician remarked wryly about himself on his departure from politics). But I have been warned about casual talk. My lips are sealed. There is always chance of a political comeback.

Readers are invited to suggest other politicians who put defeat behind them and rose to successful careers …


One Response to Choosing a New Prime Minister. The Beauty Contests continue

  1. liam1950 says:

    Clearly WC comes to mind.

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