Everyday creativity

May 9, 2022

Leaders We Deserve has been inactive for several months. The story will be told on my podcast site TudoRama, hosted by Buzzsprout.


‘Hello, My name’s Tudor Rickards. welcome to TudoRama, my podcast about creativity in sport, politics, the arts and everyday life’.

I’ve spent a great deal of my time coming up with new ideas, and learning how they come about. 

In this first podcast I show how I made the leap recently from writing books to creating my first audio broadcast. In some ways it’s been like going back to school, or learning to write again, something I had to do once, while recovering from a serious illness. Or maybe it’s like learning to play tennis with your other hand. I already had plenty of experience, but a lot to learn modifying it for a new medium.

Leaders We Deserve will be used to introduce the new materials being generated through Tudorama.