Abnormal service will be resumed as soon as possible

From time to time I experience guilty feelings of a parent who has abandoned a favourite child. Leaders we deserve was my blogging pride and joy for over a decade. But times change. For personal and professional reasons I found myself preoccupied with other ventures. My blogs dwindled in frequency

Brexit and beyond
By the time of the EU referendum in 2016, I had begun expressing my new ideas through my self-published books. Seconds Out was a metaphor for Brexit, disguised as a fictional account of an evil mastermind, Lyman Groat, intent on world-domination. Groat was to reappear in The Unnamed Threat, which involved a devilish nerve-agent an accidental anticipation of the arrival of Coronavirus COVID-19 in 2019.
I began to use Twitter and then Facebook more (do join me through these sites).

Work in progress

I am currently working on a non-fictional account of the leadership issues to be found in the Battle for Brexit, currently sidetracked by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Like all UK Residents over the age of 70 I have been designated a member of a high-vulnerability group instructed to stay at home in lockdown while the government decides what to do with us.
Time under lockdown is fulfilling the einsteinian principle of relativity. For example, there is no longer a differentiation between weekdays and weekends. (TGIF has only a historical existence).

Abnormal service
The fundamental question raised by LWD remains. ‘How are leaders chosen in a democratic society?’ I look forward to making further contributions through this blog, even if the service will be more limited.

2 Responses to Abnormal service will be resumed as soon as possible

  1. zen200704@zen.co.uk says:

    Hi Tudor,

    Good to hear from you. I always enjoyed your blogs and am glad to hear that they may continue.How are you coping in these strange times. We have seconded our cleaner onto shopping duties as a result of which I am now collapsed in front of the laptop after a couple of hours of vaccing and mopping under the beady eye of She Who Must Be Obeyed.

    Have been walking with aforesaid SWMBO on a nearby golf course. That was Didsbury but Northenden and Withington are all nearby and of course virtually deserted making for attractive parkland normally not accessible because of crazed golfers. Unaccompanied by Ellie who has gone to the great kennel in the sky, we talk unashamedly of number 5 labrador. We shall see!!

    By way of excuse when phoning a friend I said that as my future pall bearer we ought to have the occasional chat. He replied by email after an entertaining conversation, saying that he did not want to be a stupid pall bearer, he wanted to drive the big car and if I wouldn’t let him do that I needn’t bother popping my clogs.

    With a combined age of 150 it is good that we can still extract some fun out of our imminent demise (although still a way to go if Captain Tom is anything to go by, wheeling his Zimmer frame round the garden at 99 to raise millions for the NHS).

    Having long had a gardening firm tending our very own parkland I was shocked when SWMBO informed me that they had resigned and would no longer be mowing my lawn. The grass having refused to stop growing I put out a call on our neighbourhood WhatsApp group for a lawnmower and was soon provided with one by Simon who also offered to come and mow it. Having some shame left I did it myself and am now feeling rather proud of myself and the increased Brownie points resulting from my efforts. The trouble is that the bloody stuff will continue to grow and I may well have to do it again.

    I told a friend in France about my mowing activities and he has just emailed to say that he has spent 4 hours doing his, but on a sit-on mower. We have exchanged photos of our lawns and are considering setting up a lawnporn website (or maybe a blog – Lawns we Deserve ?)

    Are you into Zoom or up for a phone chat ?



  2. paulhinks111 says:

    Hi Tudor,

    Great to hear from you through LWD, unusual times right now, stay safe 👍🏻

    Best wishes,

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