Why picking a chess club secretary is proving difficult


We should have seen it coming. Our little chess-club had relied for too many years on re-election of a small number of dedicated members.

Two years ago, our club chairman Geoffrey announced his retirement. It set off a chain reaction with unpleasant consequences. An obvious replacement candidate for Chairman was our our long-serving club secretary David. Which of course left the post of secretary to be filled. In addition, our equally long-serving treasurer, Roger, had given advance warning of his intention to retire, and the first-team captain had regretfully left us for personal reasons. Our website designer and manager also had to resign to deal with his business commitments,

There was the usual reluctance of volunteers to fill the posts. However, two new members offered to help, as treasurer and secretary. Captains were found for the four teams in various divisions of the local league, as well as a new web-site manager.

Our membership numbers have remained around 22-24 for many years. Unfortunately we have not succeeded in recruiting enough new members to have a surplus of volunteers to fill the official roles.

We found ourselves stretched by these forced changes, but not to a serious level, unless we were to lose another of the important officials. Which, of course, is what happened. Our new secretary also gave notice that he would be unavailable for reappointment.

This was the situation at the start of our recent AGM. Unsurprisingly, the meeting lasted even longer than usual. Try as we could, we could not reshuffle roles or find further volunteers.

We have to continue as if it is business as usual, with confirmation to the league of our intentions, and required information of officials and registered league players. The out-going secretary has been unable to complete all information required. A deadline approaches when the fixtures are arranged. We are facing our own little Brexit.

Suggestions welcomed.

(This makes a genuine case-example calling for ideas into leadership, organisation behaviour, and creative thinking. I will convey suggestions to fellow members of the club, in my new role as its publicity and communications officer.)

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