Creative design ideas: Harrods gets a face-lift; Jodrell Bank sends another message into space

A designer looks at the historic Harrods  building, and conceives a great design idea. It reminded me of an unfulfilled dream of mine after gazing at the main telescope disc at Jodrell Bank
The image from Twitter jumped out at me. The grand old Harrods building in Oxford Street had acquired a giant pair of cool sun-glasses. I’ll spare you technical stuff about creativity and design. (Well, OK, for those interested, here’s one article on the subject.)
Not Banksie this time
I wondered whether Banksie had been at work with another of his pieces of urban art.  No, it was from a business  trialling vending machines for sun glasses, currently operating in and around Los Angeles.  The mini-display inside Harrods does not yet have a vending machine for shades, and you will have to visit California for that experience.
Hubble trouble and beyond
There are  connections between the technology of high precision lenses of prescription glasses and lenses for optical instruments. Remember the near-disaster story of the Hubble telescope trouble, [or to give it its fancy name its spherical aberration? ]
The Harrods specs reminded me of a great piece of astronomical engineering, the Jodrell Bank radio telescope. It remains up there with Manchester University’s contributions in nuclear physics, computing, and Graphene science. I  drive past the giant assembly regularly, and am reminded of it by the front-cover image of a text-book on R&D management which I have since mislaid.
The unfulfilled dream
My crazy unfulfilled dream for some years is based on the idea that the Jodrell Bank disc would make an ideal surface on to which images could be projected. Why not make it the University’s largest publicity display, viewable from passing aircraft, satellites, or even deeper space sites.
I think I’ll have a word with some of the boffins to be found appreciating the excellent hostelries of Holmes Chapel and surrounding townships.

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