Jason Kingsley: A chivalric leader in a strong and stable world?

Jason Kingsley is chief executive and co-founder of  Rebellion Developments, one of the UK’s largest computer games companies. He is said to run his domains according to a medieval knight’s chivalric code of conduct. As a member of the order of cynical journalists, I set about testing the tales told about this gentle knight

I learn that in the ancient city of Oxford the young Jason with his brother formed a company of knights brilliant in swordsmanship.  None could compete with Jason who became famed for his jousting, astride one of his stable of pure white chargers. In time, his fame grew and he was joined by full many a warrior such as Judge Dredd.

Judge Dredd has won fame for his great leadership characteristics in a Galaxy far away in space and time. He is increasingly part of everyday folklore when cries are made for tougher police methods.

QUOTE “What the code comes down to is try to be a decent person… and there are three parts bravery, honesty and kindness.

“In business, the need to be brave is obvious; the ability to charge forward and seize the opportunity, and do the best that you can with it.

“It is also about exploring new territories and seeking out new markets. It is an essential component in being a leader. Honesty doesn’t mean telling everyone your secrets, it means dealing fairly with people. So in business, I don’t try to get the best deal for myself, I’m trying to get the best deal for both sides. “This is fairer and the right thing to do, and if the other side makes a profit they will come back and work with me again. “And kindness is simply about the need to treat people well.”

From the Chronicles of the British Broadcasting Corporation

Rebellion Developments was founded in 1991 and now has a turnover in excess of £25m. It is still wholly owned by the two brothers who founded it. Its best-selling titles include Sniper Elite and Rogue Trooper. It also owns the cult UK comic book series 2000 AD, and publishes a range of novels.

Chivalric leadership evaluated

How might chivalric leadership be evaluated? I am struck by how the description might fit those frequently applied to Jeremy Corbyn, leading the troops of the Labour Party in the General Election campaign [May-June, 2017].

Like any gentle knight, Sir Jeremy had to battle against many evil forces. Students of leadership may be reminded of the notion of Servant Leadership, which remains a minor but well-supported idea.

The servant leader transcends ego and leads in the interests of others.

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