The Beloved Leader and Good King Senselessness


It is Trumpsday Eve. 3003AD [After Donald]. The Beloved Leader King and High Emperor Donald IV looks out across the plains to the great south wall started during the early days of the rule of King Donald I, and partially completed by his rightful heir Donald II

“Well, nearly done, then” he thought, “Only a few residual areas of toxicity holding up completion.”

King Senselessness day celebrations

Tomorrow will be the celebratory burning of effigies of King Senselessness, a mythical figure of fun associated with donating gifts to undeserving peasants unable to cut good enough deals to survive without handouts.

The Truth Fairy

As well as the annual mocking of king Senselessness, he had passed the order banning the practice of deceitful lies about the Truth Fairy. The practice had gotten out of hand. Parents all over the empire still persisted in telling their children that answers to their questions came to them through the Truth Fairy, and that was why they were true. This of course was a hidden way of attacking the truth-of-the-moment broadcast by himself, each hour on the hour, though the Imperial Tweeting Agency.

In some ways, he regretted the absence of opposition. In the bad old days, enemies who should have been locked up were allowed to stay out of goal, even say horrible lies about his ancestors. There was some kind of primitive way of challenging the high Emperor. Records of those times were mostly lost in the great electronic crisis.

He paused to send out the next truth-of-the-moment. He tried to remember the style taught him by his father, who had learned it from his own father.

The Emperor’s thoughts

He remembered tales of the unsuccessful revolt of the remaining aboriginal people to the south, supported by the degenerates from the far eastern territories, before their defeat at the golden shrine of Donald I on the banks of the Trump river.

The rewriting of the constitution in 202AD to ensure the dynastic succession from the Trumpian genepool; the obligatory handing over of power at the age of 100, of King Donald II. The great cleansing of untruths and the establishment of the New World currency of the Trumpkin.

The outrageous remarks about the King which directly prompted retaliation in the airstrikes demolishing the-called great wall of China. Airstrikes which through the new technology all neutron bombing did not hard the hair of a single head on the people even if they deserved a less lenient treatment.

The subsequent removal of the use of the term Chinese Wall in financial terminology to be replaced with Trumpian Wall.

Then the elimination of the old data storage and written words replaced with the purity of orally generated and aurally received signals, permitting the transition to a timeless present unhindered by false truths.

The electronic currency, the eTrumpkin, backed up by boundless wealth lodeged deep below ground in Fort Donald in Texas.

The Emperor smiled at these thoughts, and wondered what presents from his grateful people he would receive in his Senselessness stocking.

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