Seat-giving: TfL gets another good idea


A good idea often benefits from positive add-on suggestions which nudge it further. Take London for Transport’s seat-giving idea, for example

London for Transport has tested an idea for a Please offer me a seat card. It received a substantial level of support. The idea is yet another example of creative thinking. It builds on a previous idea, Baby on Board for pregnant mothers,

This kind of YES AND thinking, is encouraged in courses on creative problem-solving which also support idea-building through other trigger phrases  such as ‘what’s good about it?‘ (WGAI )

In that spirit, I found myself asking another trigger-phrase ‘In What Ways Might We . . .?‘ (IWWMW )

What if the Offer a Seat card idea was combined with:

A little thank you for seat donators?


Nomination for seat-giver of the week (SGOTW)?

A positive take

In times of general gloom, a new idea faces more negative reactions, and faster. I have shared some such reactions to recent political events. So, as National Independence Day, and Donald Trump’s inauguration approaches on January 20th , we all have time to practice some of these life-enhancing exercises.


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