Tidings of Comfort and Snow

December 25, 2016


2016 exits stage left. Gradually the memories fade with the lights. Now only a few images and sounds remain . . .

Storms. We had a few, from June through to September [above, Woodford, only minor damage to car windscreens]

Then there was the amazing expanding traffic sign in Potsdam [worked by button in the roadway]


The successful advocate for the inclusion of Post Truth in the Oxford English dictionary


The Tweeter of the year, regardless of damage sometimes caused to the most delicate pasts of his body, (his tongue, what else were you thinking of?)



‘Hunting for Hillary’



… and finally, best wishes for a 2017 without freak storms, political victories for the misunderstood, things you wish you hadn’t left on trains or taxicabs, out-of-work actors bussed in to the audiences of Question Time with dodgy scripts, protected species not protected from deranged dentists