Today, November 9th 2016, Donald Trump won the election campaign to become the 45th President of The United States of America

His triumph came as a big surprise to political pundits, pollsters, and the majority of politicians. It gives salience to the idea that leadership in a democracy is indeed a reflection of the will of the people who will get the leaders they choose.
Instant reaction is that the victory is through the votes of a majority of white voters, and more specifically under-privileged male white voters disenchanted by the political leadership who chose an outsider promising to reassert lost dreams. Around 60% of white voters supported Mr Trump. The split was even wider among white men.  In contrast, 88% of black voters supported Clinton.
It is essentially the central issue of this site, that democratic systems are grounded in mechanisms believed to serve the will of the majority of the electorate through the process of voting. In America today, the vote has granted Donald Trump the right to take over from President Obama. It is the will of the majority of voters (setting aside the subtle arrangements to avoid the outcome resting on a straight numerical count).
It has been said that representative democracy is the ‘least worse’ of political systems. The people of America, and therefore the rest of us around the globe, now have an opportunity to experience what this means.
To be continued
Image: Yes it does have relevance to the news of the day. Suggestions wecome (and my explanation later).

5 Responses to PRESIDENT TRUMP

  1. socky maila says:

    Hi Tudor Can you correct the month in your post please. Your post reads ‘October 9th 2016’ when it is supposed to be November. Best regards Socky.

  2. Dear S.M.,

    many thanks for your correction which I have now incorporated into the post. Thanks to you, the post is now less inaccurate.



  3. liam1950 says:

    Two cups, both less than half full, both way off centre. The primaries yielded two poisoned chalices for electorate’s choice.

  4. The longer-term question: Is the system of checks and balances adequate for the 21st century? What do you think?
    best wishes

  5. Sehr gemuetlich.

    Liebe Gruesse


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