Pogba’s fantasy signing ends

Paul Pogba.jpg

One of the most cited stories of the football pre-season is about Paul Pogba’s move from Juventus to Manchester United.  Journalists have been able to fan interest. Or maybe fan interest has been able to encourage journalists

For several months, for football fans, the signing (or non-signing) of Pogba has been the story (or non-story) of the day.

A tortuous deal

According to Manchester’s Evening News, the deal has been tortuous.  Pogba preferred Real Madrid. The Spanish giants wanted Pogba but were reluctant to match MUFC’s world record (rumored) offer.

Pogba’s club Juventus accepted that the lure of the big bucks (Euros, even post-Brexit British pounds) would be too tempting for Pogba’s agent whose reputation is as a tough negotiator.  That is the closest I will get to euphemism here.

They seek him here, they seek him there

Then at last the rumours become more and more substantiated if not confirmed. Pogba is on holiday and will sign on his return to Europe.  Pogba is on his way to Europe, thinking of football again.

Juventus orders Pogba back for pre-season training.

Then a day later, Juventus gives Pogba permission to fly to Manchester for a medical with MUFC.

It is a done deal

Meanwhile the media have found other stories to work with.  Manchester United won the first trophy of the season thanks to a goal from their other celebrity signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Students of charismatic leadership will find much to explore as the season progresses.

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