Microsoft launches Operation Sudetenland, and I don’t like it

Winter of discontent



My feelings of wrath against the mighty Microsoft empire were triggered by an act of invasion into my PC’s heartland, an act unprecedented since Hitler’s troops swept through the Sudetenland, in October 1938

Of course, I had already left open the opportunity for the invader to advance. Arguably it was the brilliance of General von Gates that established a foothold in the unsuspecting IBM PC world, and which started the rise of the Gates imperialist ambitions.

Now, many years later von Gates owns the electronic empire over which the electronic sun never sets.  Or maybe nearly never; there are still insurgent hackers resisting anonymously, perhaps encouraged by the other World super-power Apple and its newish President.

Enter Windows 8.1

A few months ago, I retired my ancient PC and accepted that a new model would require me to move on technologically. The machine arrived loaded with what I now know to be Windows 8.1.

Also known as California Widows 8.1, a system marginally less dysfunctional that Windows 8, so one of my tech savvy friends says.

I tried to learn 8.1. Quite a challenge, and I am approaching the facility with which I used my earlier version, now known as Windows Archaic.

Meanwhile, every day, uninvited, the machine updates itself. So does Windows 8.1. Simultaneously I receive a message which amounts to

It’s really time you upgraded to Windows 10. This is, thanks to our generous spirit free. For the moment. In the future if you don’t change, Operation Sudetenland comes into force.

Like many others I ignored this bootstrap bullying. If I couldn’t go back to the user-friendly older version, I had no intention of meekly accepting another change I suspected would be even harder to learn how to use.

An ultimatum

Then, last week, the final warning. An ultimatum would be a better word. I was hastening to complete a post for LWD. The screen went blank. Panic blank.

After a few moments the ultimatum flashed up.

You ignored all our friendly warnings. You don’t know what’s good for you. Fortunately, you are now under the protection of the all-powerful von Gates imperial forces. Your conversion to Windows 10 is proceeding. DO NOT SWITCH YOUR MACHINE OFF OR YOU WILL HAVE TO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CONSEQUENCES. Further instructions will follow shortly.

PS you will just love your own electronic personal advisor.

I left the room, unable to witness the complete subjugation of my PC.

For all its efforts at giving us a fully-joined up world, I am not completed convinced that the motives of the von Gates empire totally coincide with my wants or even my needs.

To be continued [if Windows 10 lets me]

Right. My friends connected, coercered or compelled to switch to Windows 10 tell me how much better it is than 8.1 which was so much better than Windows 8.

I turn to Firefox, which is now (suprise, suprise) not my default server. Guess I must learn to live with Windows 10.

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