Doping in Tennis. Nadal plays an attacking game

Rafa Nadal

Three years ago we published a post about doping in tennis. The story re-emerged this week as Nadal says he intends to sue for remarks about his alleged drug taking.

The original post suggested that tennis may be in denial about the state of drug taking in the sport.

A colleague with legal experience suggested I leave the specific aspects of the post out of the more recent publication Tennis Matters.

This post will be updated as the story develops.


March 15 2016

As happens, one story feeds on another.  Allegations of match-fixing are now hitting the headlines

March 14 2016

This week Nadal hit the headlines with his vigorous defense (attack?) stating his intention to sue. He particularly targeted a French politician for remarks about the reasons for one of his injury layoffs. According to the BBC:

Rafael Nadal plans to sue an ex-French government minister who said his seven-month absence in 2012 was “probably due to a positive doping test”.

The Spaniard is upset with comments made by Roselyne Bachelot, who was formerly Minister for Health and Sport. The 14-time Grand Slam winner, 29, says he will sue anyone else who alleges “something similar in the future”.

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