Sweet Caroline takes on a new meaning for Godiva and tennis star Wozniaki

 Caroline Wozniacki Godiva


Maria Sharipova and Maria Bartoli  are among the stars of women’s tennis who have shown their entrepreneurial talents.

Now it’s Caroline Wozniaki’s turn, partnering with Belgian luxury chocolate firm Godiva

A BBC report [pre-Wimbledon, 2015] noted:

The former world number one has major deals with global brands like Adidas, Babolat, Rolex, Sony Ericsson, Lavazza, and others including Dubai Duty Free, US vitamin firm Usana and Danish company E-Boks.

Her Adidas deal is reputed to be one of the most lucrative in sport, and she wears tennis kit specially designed for the German firm by Stella McCartney. She says that she only works with companies that she feels comfortable with, rather than concentrating just on the financial bottom line.

Sharipova, a former world number one in tennis, is proving a world-beater in her business ventures.  At one stage, with injuries holding back her tennis, a story developed that she was considering changing her name to Maria Sugarpova. I leave readers to decide whether that was branding candy floss.

In any case, the Sharipova brand is highly successful. In 2012, her on-court earnings at $5 million were dwarfed by her endorsements of $20 million

Maria Bartoli has been less high profile, but the former Wimbledon winner has also successfully launched businesses including top of the market fashion accessories and frozen yoghurt. I noted her competitive resilience in Tennis Matters. published earlier this year.

Look out, Marias S and B, here comes Caroline Wozniaki.





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