The Charismatic League Tables for October 2015

Alexis TsiprasThis month, media attention turned to new entrants Nigel Farage, Andrew Castle, Arsene Wenger, Sir Alex Ferguson and Tony Pidgley. But the award of charismatic leader of the month went to the re-elected Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras

The results were based on news stories studied in September 2015

Prime Minister Tsipras received the award for the manner of his re-election and his skill at maintaining his credibility over a period in which he went from leader of the opposition to austerity measures to the  leader in charge of enacting them. Technically he was elected leader of his party and then leader of the Government in a coalition.

Stories were also found which resulted in a reappraisal of the positions of politicians David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn and Donald Trump, and football manager Jose Mourinho.

Jose Mourinho has jumped to Division One for the manner of his interviews defending his lack of culpability over Chelsea’s bad start to the football season

Arsene Wenger, one of the butts of Jose Mourinho’s jibes, and also of Sir Alex’s recently published remarks, always defends himself logically in public, but with little charisma, and so enters in Division Four.

His former protagonist Sir Alex Ferguson returned from a period outside the headlines with a new best-selling book on business leadership. The vibrant illustrations of his leadership style indicate he exercised powerful influence although he denies being ‘a monster… in my reign’  [in his Reign.! Hmm] One to watch for a revival of his charismatic interviews which may even take him to the Premiership  of the Charismatic League, where he would surely want to be.

Jeremy Corbyn has attracted considerable media attention, and has been described as charismatic. His self-effacing style is unusual and he may well be a member of a rarer category of leader with some charismatic aspects yet perhaps closer to the leader of ‘humble style but with fierce determination’ written about by Jim Collins.

Nigel Farage made a strong charismatic impression on his UKIP conference audience,  and enters the tables in Division One.

Donald Trump has strengthened his position in Division One after several high impact performances where he cheerfully defends the  indefensible.

Andrew Castle attracted much criticism for his tennis commentaries particularly in the Davis Cup match between England and Australia. He seemed to have failed to engage viewers positively. He inspired the Face Book page Shut-Up-Andrew-Castle-you-know-nothing-about-Tennis Sorry Andrew. It’s Division Four for you, when you are keeping Tim Henman company.

Tony Pidgley of The Berkeley group received media attention for a life style that has a decidedly charismatic flavour to it, as he battled with activist shareholders who were seeking a more conventional leadership style of corporate governance. A worthy entry into the league tables.

The tables will be revised monthly until further notice. All proposals will be examined carefully by the editor of LWD before changes are made. The editor’s decision on such changes will be final. This utterly undemocratic process is one designed to avoid entryism, and other attempts to influence the league tables for personal interests.

Charismatic League tables for October 2015

Division One

Fidel Castro **

Jose Mourinho *

Alexis Tsipras *

Donald Trump *

Nigel Farage *

Boris Johnson

President Gorbachev

Camila Batmanghelidjh

Ronald Reagan

Bill Clinton


Division Two

Julian Assange

Richard Branson

Tony Pidgley *

Lady Gaga

Sir Alex Ferguson *

Michelle Obama

Stephen Hawkins

Princess Diana


Division Three

Tony Benn

Jeremy Corbyn *

Russell Brand

Dan Quayle

David Cameron *

Ricky Gervase


Division Four

Arsene Wenger ***

Tim Henman

Prince Charles **

George Bush Snr

Liz Kendall

Andy Burnham

Yvette Cooper

Andy Murray

Andrew Castle ***


Division Five

Roy Hodgson

The No 1 Dalek

Michael Gove

Paul Scholes

Mr Bean

Alan Shearer

A box of Weetabix (12 piece size)


No scholarly claims are made of the reliability or validity of these tables

* These league positions are based on this month’s news stories.

**These positions have been challenged by one or more independent commentators

*** These new entries have been proposed by one or more independent commentators



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