Sisters Act starring Katy Perry and the Los Filiz nuns

Katy PerryLeadership stories come in all shapes and sizes.  One example this week is from a small group of nuns who took the initiative in securing their own future by ignoring the wishes of  their institutional leaders by rejecting a bid from celebrity singer Katy Perry

According to The Independent:

 A legal firework [pun on Perry’s musical act] has been set off in Los Feliz, California, after a group of elderly nuns sold their former convent to a local businesswoman against the wishes of the Los Angeles archdiocese – all to prevent the property being bought by the pop megastar, Katy Perry.

The hilltop property in question has been empty since 2011, when the five surviving Sisters of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary were relocated to nearby retirement homes.

The following year, Ms Perry expressed an interest in making the building her home and, according to the Los Angeles Times, recently agreed a $14.5m (£9.2m) sale with the archdiocese. The sisters, however, argue that the property is theirs to sell – and they don’t want it to be bought by the singer.

And so, two weeks ago – and without the approval of the archdiocese – the nuns sold the property to restaurateur and bar owner Dana Hollister.

The sisters of The Immaculate Heart first bought the estate in 1972 from a Catholic philanthropist who offered them a hefty discount. The archdiocese, led by LA Archbishop José Gomez, agrees that the proceeds should go towards the care of the five surviving nuns, all aged between 77 and 88.


Leadership: The Movie

The story has all the attractions of a Hollywood movie in which a group of feisty retired nuns take on the powers of the established church in rejecting the advances of a wealthy buyer.

But will Katie Perry turn out to be the heroine in the last scene, rescuing the nuns from designs of the dastardly Dana?

3 Responses to Sisters Act starring Katy Perry and the Los Filiz nuns

  1. Molefi Life mabotho says:

    The dilemma here is that it appears the leadership is centered on three pillars, owners of the property which are the five living nuns, the archdiocese the church leadership and money-power by Perry. Sisters made a breakthrough and archdiocese conceded. However, money may prove to be ultimate power. Because, Perry may end up making an irresistible offer to the restaurant owner and acquire the property. With her money, she knows she will never use all the money she has in the bank during her lifetime, so she may decide to spend on acquiring the property no matter the cost to satisfy her heart desire while still alive and also to prove her power of influence which melts down to leadership in this scenario

  2. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I would add that the legal dispute as well as the institutional one remains unresolved.

    I will update the post as the story develops.

  3. hlgray says:

    Personally, I would rather be on God’s side than that of any old bishop or Pope.

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