Taking Tough Decisions: A creative problem-solving approach

Tudor Rickards and Rebecca Baron

Louis van GaalTaking Tough Decisions: A creative problem-solving approach was prepared as an experiential  workshop conducted within the Fifth National Medical Leadership conference 17th April 2015 at the Macron Stadium, Bolton

The workshop format offered participants an opportunity to examine and to share tough decisions and reflect on how to deal with them. The ‘split half’ design meant that we presented twice, each to half the delegates, and simultaneously with a presentation on  the increasingly well-known approach on Managing your Chimp .

Our own contribution drew on the experiential learning approach developed at The Manchester Business School, and particularly in workshops around the world for executive MBA courses since 2007.  A key aspect is encouragement for the process of creating and reflecting on  ‘living cases’ from current leadership events from various sources, including sports management, business, and everyday social situations.

Further details can be found in a recent post

This post provides pre-workshop material primarily for participants, and will be concluded after the event.

Key aspects

As we designed the workshop, we wanted to find a way of combining the MBS approach with the anticipated wide range of issues relevant to participants. We settled for a format which invited discussion around:

Conceptual map making

Leader as management of dialog and management of meaning

Dialog and dilemmas [when you engage with others who have different ‘mind maps’]

Engagement through creating and exploring ‘living cases’

Skills for dealing with tough decisions creatively [yes and…; insights through lateral thinking approaches, perception is a map not the territory]

Supporting visuals

Our supporting visuals can be seen here as Taking tough decisions

To be concluded

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