Becoming a leader: A matter of education?

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An International Research and Education Conference on Bachelor Programs in Leadership, Whether Leadership can be Learned, and Leadership as a Profession


Tuesday 16th June (lunch) – Thursday 18th June (lunch) 2015


The conference will be held at the University of Nordland in a city called Bodø, located in Northern Norway (within a province of Norway called Nordland). The university is located around eight kilometers outside the city center.


Lately, some universities (mainly in the U.S.; others are to follow on this trend) have started to offer Bachelor degrees in Leadership (not in management). Behind this phenomenon there is an assumption that leadership is something that can be learnt and, perhaps even more important, that leadership is a subject important enough to major on. The phenomenon also indicates that what a leader mainly needs to know is leadership – not management or knowledge specific to the certain industry. Leadership, thus, might be categorized as a profession in its own right.

This conference is meant to be an arena for knowledge exchange, debate and discussion on, mainly, bachelor programs in leadership, but also on any subject connecting to this issue (please see below for a more extensive list of suggested themes that can be taken up). Attendants can, preferably, submit something that they would like to present at the conference, in terms of a research paper/abstract, an argumentative paper, a program description or an experience-based paper. But please note that those without such submissions are, definitely, also welcome to attend the conference.

The primary group of target is all those scholars who have an interest in leadership education, primarily bachelor programs, and either already give those or consider to start giving them, as well as those who teach at such programs or do research that is more or less tightly connected to such programs. But anyone who has an interest in the main theme or any of the connected themes is most welcome to at-tend the conference. This means that those who, for instance, teach leadership but not at any bachelor program in leadership, leaders/managers who take an interest in the debate on leadership as a profession, consultants and many more, are most welcome to attend this conference.


• Research papers (full paper or abstract) on any of the main or connected conference themes
• Presentation material of bachelor programs in leadership
• Ideas, reflections and argumentations connected to any of the main or connected conference themes


Places on the conference are limited (maximum around 200 participants). However, to make sure that presenters get an opportunity to pay after their submissions have been accepted, we will keep 50 places (of the 200) open for presenters until 31st January 2015. This is intended to give those who might want to attend the conference only if there submission is accepted a chance to wait to pay until they have been informed about our decision in this regard.

Please note that by submitting any kind of material where your bachelor program is presented or the like, you automatically give us the right to use and spread your material.


All relevant contributions submitted to the conference will be considered for an edited book, in terms of an “academic debate” that discusses whether or not there is reason to turn Leadership/Management into a true profession.


Submitted descriptions/presentations of (or experiences from or plans for) bachelor programs in leadership will be put together in electronic form and circulated among those who have attended the conference, and also, somehow, made accessible to other than those who have attended the conference.


The conference is organized by people at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Nordland.


To be formally registered as an attendant of the conference, you must pay the conference fee (please note that you are not registered until we have received the full payment).  The conference fee for the main conference (to be held 16th-18th June 2015) is 3,950 NOK (Norwegian kroner) (early bird rate 3,500 NOK, until 20th January 2015).

Included in the fee is:
• Permission to attend the main conference
• Lunches Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
• Coffee/tea/water & refreshments during the conference
• Transportation: bus between Scandic Havet Hotel and the university (which is the actual conference venue) and back, on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (on Thursday p.m. the bus will make a short stop at the hotel and then continue to the airport)
• Excursion with dinner Tuesday evening
• Conference dinner at Scandic Havet Hotel on Wednesday evening


On all matters that concern the very conference and, especially, the program and presentations as well as acceptances of submitted papers/presentations, please contact Anders Örtenblad []

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