Leadership Case: Toto Wolff’s big decision

A Leadership We Deserve Student Case Study

Mercedes chief Toto Wolff faced a big decision when the two stars of his Formula One team became bitter rivals.

In 2014, Mercedes quickly demonstrated the superiority of its F1 cars. Within a few races, it became clear the Mercedes team would win the Constructor’s championship easily. In every race, their two drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg finished first and second. except when prevented by technical retirements in a small number of races.

The problem

The problem was that only one of the drivers could win the prestigious driver’s competition. The battle between the two became intense, risking a collision through a misjudged overtaking move.

Wolff discussed the situation with the drivers, and warned them about the consequences.

The collision

At the Belgium Grand Prix, the feared collision took place.

Rosberg appeared to have collided at high speed and recklessly with Hamilton, putting Hamilton out of the race. It was even suggested that the move was deliberate.

What would you do in Toto Wolff’s place?

2 Responses to Leadership Case: Toto Wolff’s big decision

  1. ShenSam says:

    Tough decision indeed! I would set up a discplniary committee to look into the this, seriously but quickly, in order not to affect the next match. The objective is less to find faults with anyone, but to make the rules of no tolerance clear and calm down Lewis… I will need to let the competition spirit to keep on!

    > 在 2015年1月4日,下午3:59,Leaders We Deserve <comment-reply@wordpress.com > 写道: > >

  2. Thank you ShenSam. You are making a sensible suggestion. You may know the importance I place on looking for why a leader has to deal with tough decisions, often through dilemmas.

    Toto Wolff found a short term fix by having a clear goal. I am not stating it here, to preserve the study value of the post.

    Regards. TR

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