Curling is big in Sochi, toe-curling is bigger at the Baftas

Baftas night is normally a stay-in-and-watch-a-DVD night

The beguiling DVD obtained for that very purpose turned out to be so bad we exercised our democratic right to vote against it and opted instead to see what the great British public had done with their democratic right to vote for the Not the Oscars awards, aka The British Academy Film and Television Awards, aka [this year] The Orange Baftas.

Evidence of leadership abounded, even of leaders we deserve because we voted for the winners.  In true post- modern style Stephen Fry brought a veneer of languid sophistication to the event.   His mocking hyperbole for the presenters  of the awards just about managed to imply they were not exactly the wonderful beautiful supremely gifted and loveable people he described, perhaps not even as wonderful [etc] as Stephen Fry.  That being said, Fry still had the most amusing and witty remarks of the evening, as well as some at the other end of the scale which helped me associate with the other story of wonderful beautiful supremely gifted and loveable people at the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Here, in London, for a few hours, curling was transformed into toe curling.

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