Felix Baumgartner gives Red Bull more wings

On 14th October 2012 a new global hero was acclaimed, as Austrian Felix Baumgartner stepped from a balloon-borne capsule 128,000-foot above the Earth’s surface

The feat which broke multiple world records was backed by Red Bull as the Red Bull Stratus project

The ultimate extreme sport spectacle

As Teressa Iezzi, editor of Co.Create put it:

“Red Bull’s idea of risk is that one of its sponsored athlete’s bodily fluids will turn into gas as he plummets 24 miles from space at 800+ miles per hour while his parents, girlfriend, and the rest of the world watch, live. With the Red Bull Stratos Project, the energy drink brand-turned-media company brought extreme sports spectacle to new heights and redefined the idea of content marketing, PR stunt, and brand utility”.

A fitting tribute

The story is a fitting tribute to Chaleo Yoovidhya the inventor of the Red Bull energy drink, who died in Bangkok at the age of 89 earlier this year. Nor is it unexpected that the Company which is headquartered in Austria was able to find an Austrian to play the starring role.

Yoovidhya came from poor origins in the northern province of Phichit, moving to Bangkok in search of work. Showing entrepreneurial flair, he was employed as a salesman before starting his own pharmaceuticals company drawning on Eastern and Western medical traditions.

One of his products was a tonic drink aimed at keeping factory workers and truck drivers awake through long shifts. It was called Krating Daeng, Thai for Red Bull and comprised a complex mix of sugars, vitamins, and health supplements.

In 1982, his business took off after an Austrian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz discovered Krating Daeng on a sales trip he was making to Asia.

The Independent outlined the development of the Red Bull product

“According to the company’s website, Mateschitz tracked down Mr Yoovidhya, and the two men became business partners, setting up the Red Bull company to take the Thai drink to an international market. In 1987, Red Bull was launched in Austria. Twenty-five years on, it is sold in more than 79 countries”.

An international entrepreneur sees the potential for a product, and helps form a partnership. In Austria the potential was seen for developing the brand through Formula 1 racing, and now through the most outrageous of creative marketing projects.

One Response to Felix Baumgartner gives Red Bull more wings

  1. Fearless Felix definitely gave Red Bull a boost, but I’m sure it was mutual giving the funding/exposure/opportunity Red Bull provided. Baumgartner taught a lot of us how to live on the edge through his daring lifestyle: http://www.nathanmagnuson.com/2012/10/22/the-felix-baumgartner-guide-to-living-on-the-edge/

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