Striking teachers story (but not what you might expect)

There are several stories about striking teachers in the news this week. This one is about how a little girl snapped and was videod kicking her bullying teacher in the groin

The story of the bully bullied went viral [September 2012] It was presented as taking place in a Russian class-room. A web-debate followed on whether the U-tube was simply a spoof publicity stunt of some kind.

No matter, it prompted comments recalling similar sorts of teacher bullying, with some of the bullying teachers ‘named and shamed’.

Not what you thought?

In the US a teachers’ strike seems imminent.

In the UK, strike plans are being reported by a teachers Union, [the National Union of Teachers] after a ballot of its members.

Vicarious pleasure

The U-tube hints at one way in which a story may go viral. It permits identification with the victim, and a wish that “I wish I’d done that” as a stereotyped baddy gets his [or her] comeuppance. It’s particularly strong when we can identify with a victim who fought back on behalf of all of us, showing how powerlessness can be shattered.

Note to school children

What are your doing reading this? Anyway, the post is not intended to encourage you to commit acts of violence against your school teachers, who themselves often become victims of bullying. Better just to share the video with your friends.


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