City fan has recurring nightmare that his team lost the Premiership

City fan Eric still has a nightmare that his team lost the race to the Premiership title

Eric was interviewed in Leaders We Deserve some years ago. It was at a time when supporting City was a burden to be carried. Eric was recovering from an era of successive relegations from the Premiership and then the championship. The joy of recovery was tinged with bad memories.

Then it all changed

In the early hours of Monday morning, [14th May 2012] having joined in the first night of celebrations over City’s greatest triumph, he went to bed a contented man.

His worse nightmare

But even at the moment of City’s greatest success, his worse nightmare began. Looking gaunt, he describes his nightly torments:

“I’m back watching the QPR game. We are well in control but not winning. Then Barton gets sent off. They are down to ten men. Even we can’t lose it now. The dream’s so life-like. I’m Pozning with glee.[The Poznan: Curious City celebration, involving synchronized jumping up and down].

Then they break away and score. We are going to lose. In my dream the whole stadium is full of jeering Reds. [gleeful United fans].

Then they score again. We go behind. The Reds are cheering.

We pour back at them. Wave after wave it was. But whatever we do, the goalie pulls off miracle save after save. Now it’s extra time. Only one minute! [here as elsewhere, Eric’s dream is a distortion of reality]. The Etiad [stadium] changes colour from blue to red. The whole sky goes red. The cheering and jeering is dreadful.

I wake up covered in sweat. I can’t believe it’s a dream.

Yesterday I went over to the celebrations at Albert Square. Fantastic. But after when I got home and got to bed, it was that same nightmare. Nothing changed. United win out again.”

True fans have to suffer

A truly sad tale. We send Eric our congratulations and condolences. True fans have to suffer. But not like this.

3 Responses to City fan has recurring nightmare that his team lost the Premiership

  1. Paul Hinks says:

    Hi Tudor –

    City fanatics are indeed a ‘unique breed of footballing fan’ – they appear to radiate what I’ll warmly describe as ‘Blue Charisma’ – optimism & confidence, complemented by an undiminished (beyond all reason) loyalty to the City cause – yet paradoxically they quietly harbour doubt, uncertainty & general concern that their team is capable of self-destruction at any given moment!

    Even though City triumphed at the weekend, I’m not entirely surprised to hear the tales of nightmares, and sleepless nights – as you mention, many fans can relate to cruel twists of fate while following their chosen team (perhaps City fans more than most!) :o)

    From a Bolton fan still licking his relegation wounds – well done to the City faithful!

  2. Yes, that’s an interesting observation.

    As for Bolton, hope you’ll be back soon (but I sais the same to a Blackpool fan over the weekend).

  3. havarijní pojištění…

    […]City fan has recurring nightmare that his team lost the Premiership « Leaders We Deserve[…]…

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