Oxfam’s campaign does not burn bras but recycles them

May 11, 2012

In the 1960s, there were much-publicised demonstrations involving symbolic burning of bras. Oxfam has found another symbolic way of drawing attention to social inequalities, by recycling bras rather than burning them

Creative marketing

Oxfam’s campaign would have passed me by, but for a piece of creative marketing. The University came up with an unusual way of reminding staff to collect their new pass cards. The email suggested that collection of bras on behalf of Oxfam was being held. This would also be an opportunity for collection of the new pass cards from members of the Personnel team.

Motivational aids?

Surely my marketing colleagues were not exploiting Oxfam’s admirable campaign goal to find a way to induce staff to turn up to get their new pass cards? Were they using the recycling bras tag as a motivation aid to get staff cards to those who hadn’t acted on earlier, less-evocative messages?

I was able to collect my card. I also learned more about Oxfam’s worthy campaign.