Ireland elects Michael D Higgins ‘to rock in the Dáil’

Ireland has elected veteran Labour politican Michael D Higgins as its President. The Saw Doctors provided an unusual note in an unusual campaign.

‘Michael D Michael D, up on his bikele D, Michael D Michael D rocks in the Dáil’ [Dáil rhymes with boil: Ed, LWD]

You can read a more prosaic account of the campaign and its swings in fortune in the Scotsman’s report [19 Oct 2011]:

A former lecturer in sociology and politics at University College Galway, Mr Higgins benefited from his standing as one of Ireland’s most liked and instantly recognisable politicians. During an often bad-tempered campaign, Higgins stayed above the fray and his record on human rights, in particular, won plenty of admirers. The next president is also one of Ireland’s strongest critics of US foreign policy.

Within hours of his election his moving acceptance speech belayed the suggestion that ‘Michael D.’ would be merely a figurehead, lacking in ideas and charisma. As the link indicates, his opposition to the ‘years of the Celtic tiger’ even won the Labour politician the approval of the English Daily Mail.

To go more deeply

The swings in the campaign are also covered in the post-election review from the BBC. Leaders we deserve [Sept 19th 2011] has also examined how charismatic candidates were adding spice to the campaign.

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