IBM appoints Virginia Rometty as CEO

And now there are two…female leaders of great IT corporations

Viginia Rometti will become the first female chief executive officer in IBM’s 100-year history on Jan 1st [2012]. She will succeed Sam Palmisano who has been CEO since 2002, and will remain chairman.

In a month which has seen the appointment of Meg Whitman brought in as an outsider at Hewlett Packard, we now have the IBM ‘lifer’ in charge of a second US corporate giant.

To go more deeply

Virginia Rometty to head IBM as first female chief executive

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One Response to IBM appoints Virginia Rometty as CEO

  1. samer al salhi says:

    from my view gender doesn’t matter in these high positions and life is full of example of great ladies of very high critical positions who succeeded more than men did

    the issue in such position is to have a new vision let it be in other words , in such position a completely new blood and new way of thinking is needed and here comes the choice of ladies , i think ladies look at things from a completely different angle than men do , hence they might have the “magic touch” of successful change and drive the company into a promising future that men never think about

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