Wendy Hughes and the call of creativity [Part 1]

Wendy Hughes is a self-employed house painter and decorator, based in South Manchester, England. She is also a creative artist who has discovered a latent talent after a visit to a local New Age gift shop where she was to experience a defining moment in her life

Tudor Rickards

Wendy’s story

in the video above, Wendy was filmed in a break from her daytime occcupation as house painter.  She tells the story of how her artistic creativity was released.

Eighteen months ago Wendy had a strong inner urge to get hold of a different kind of paintbrush and start a different kind of painting. She recalls “going into a shop that sells crystals…there was a Medium there. I didn’t know her”. The medium told Wendy she had a message “telling me to get a small paint brush and some acrylics and start painting… and that’s how it all started”.


A can of a certain well-known drink appears in the video. Its appearance is not an example of product placement. It was not even placed there for creative effect. For adequate sponsorship, Wendy might be prepared to endorse the product further….


In a second video, [to be published in LWD]  Wendy talks more about her artistic creativity. She is quietly insistent that she does not create  her paintings, preferring to say that since that first experience, they are  ‘given’ to her through a Medium or spiritual guide.

She had brought with her several examples of paintings ‘given’ to her by her guide. Her story is a long way from the majority of posts in LWD.  Only later did it occur to me that it does have a connection with much that has been written about the essentially mysterious and even magical nature of the creative process.  The ideas are at odds with rationalistic treatments.  But they can also  be traced to ideas of charisma, and its root meaning of a gift from the muse.

To be continued

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2 Responses to Wendy Hughes and the call of creativity [Part 1]

  1. samer al salhi says:

    the subject of creativity is complex and of theories and hypothesis in collision.

    the ineresting story above shows that creativity is related to no age and very related to circumstances.
    Creative ideas are somewhere inside us and need to be triggered as if covered by very thin layer of dust but a very soft movement can show what is the treasure underneath.

  2. Thank you Samer. I am planning a second video of Wendy’s ‘guiding spirit’

    People sometimes talk of a parting a veil. The metaphors seem to cross cultures. Best wishes.

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