Grand National Lottery; Grand National Hysteria

April 9, 2011

Grand National Day in England is accompanied by an outburst of national hysteria. Anyone not joining in the fun risks social sanctions. Pretty much like ducking the office Christmas party on grounds that it is excessively mindless

Curmudgeonly thoughts, as I woke to signs of childlike excitement captured in the 20 page pull-outs in the newspapers, and cheered on by anchors at the BBC (Radio 4 remained pretty much unscathed).

The people’s party

I could hear plenty of excited noises coming from those on their way to the people’s party at Aintree. They were letting it be known that they were going to the absolutely most fantastical party of the year. Also what a shame is was that some unlucky children had to say at home. And that even those at home were better off than those who had gone all the way to Augusta to some stuffy uncool party where children were even prevented from breaking into a trot as they scampered over the swanky Augusta lawns.

What am I ranting on about?

Not quite sure. Is it a suspicion that scrutiny of social activity might reveal deeper issues of social identity and pressures towards group think or group non-think?. Is it suspicion that this national enthusiasm for horses being put at risk will promptly be lost until, say a year’s time? And did you buy that lottery ticket this week?