World enough 2011

World enough 2011

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Had I but world enough and time…

and skills enough to catch the lays
yes I would write of other names
beyond the puffed up and the blown down
outside the boundaries of games

Leave stones unturned but with intent
or even for the sake of it
and not just for some knightly move
or through disordered deficit

Tudor Rickards
January 1st 2011

3 Responses to World enough 2011

  1. marilyn of cairns australia says:

    No peaceful Cuppa Coffee or drink these days without the mind in ‘over drive’ as the Techs ‘overpower’ all the ‘Real World’ with technology and crap. Although I am on the net writing this,it proves it has got to me also..that’s it..reminder to go to the beach and not take a mobile phone with me…not be dictated to via ‘things’, feel myself ‘breathe’ again…happy new year to all…dont let the ‘things’ take over..cheers Marilyn

  2. Tudor says:

    Thanks Marilyn. Beach is good. Hard to ‘think beach’ in our mid-winter. At present I am working on some Australian contributions to power and domination (Cynthia Hardy and Stwart Clegg). Regards.

  3. Tudor says:

    And only just learning of the ‘floods of biblical proportions’ in Queensland.

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