Brazil Miami Sept 2010 016

Brazil Miami Sept 2010 016

Originally uploaded by t.rickards

How does a plane bearing the name The Magic Red Carpet connect Manchester with Brazil? All will be revealed in a subsequent post.

3 Responses to Brazil Miami Sept 2010 016

  1. Luciano Teixeira says:

    Hi Tudor!

    Obviously TAM airways.
    This is one of the marvelous things that world didn´t discover yeat about Brazil.

    Belive in me! We have more examples to the world than samba and football 8- )


  2. Tudor says:

    Hi Luciano

    you are right (maybe a topic for a blog? Interesting to compare / contrast with Emirates?).

    PS you didn’t mention new technology, fun elections, and motor racing.

  3. Tudor says:

    Hi Luciano

    best to reply under the specific post (otherwise I get many lost messages!



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