Tony Blair’s ten tips for conflict resolution

Tony Blair's signature.

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The following ten principles to follow for conflict resolution are offered without further comment from Tony Blair’s recently published A Journey.

1 Find the core principles around which agreement and a framework can be built
2 Never loosen grip on the core principles
3 Don’t treat as small what is important to others (‘small things can be big things’)
4 Be creative
5 Conflict needs outside helpers
6 Conflict is a journey not an event
7 Disruptions are inevitable from those who see benefits in maintaining the conflict
8 Leaders matter but leadership can be tough and lonely
9 Success requires external conditions to favour peace
10 Never give up.


2 Responses to Tony Blair’s ten tips for conflict resolution

  1. Danny Gelb says:

    The essence of what Tony says is correct, however there is not always the need for item 5, the outside helpers. Conflict can be created between two people and can be resolved between two people without any need for intervention by a third party neutral. The best results for conflict resolution are when the people can sort it out by themselves. Unfortunately emotion and irrational behavior can can get in the way of this. Once someone is emotively involved in a dispute or conflict the realms of rational behavior can fly right out of the window. We at urge all people that contact us with regards to their conflicts and disputes to first attempt to resolve such issues without any external intervention and only to come back to us when this has failed. The essence of any conflict resolution is good clear honest communication.

  2. Tudor says:

    Thanks for this. I suppose much of conflict occurs when individuals do not take personal responsibility. That’s even more the case in the tough cases such as Northern Ireland, Middle East etc.

    Best wishes

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