Jose Dreams and Pep Obsesses

In advance of the semi-final of the European Champions Cup Tie between Inter Milan and Barcelona, Jose Mourinho offers his own philosophic take on the difference between the purity of dreams, and Barcelona’s obsessiveness

The Special One continues on his special way. This time he suggests a difference between dreams and obsessions, and why Inter will be less likely than their rivals Barcelona to be overwhelmed with psychological fantasies.

Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho claims Barcelona are “obsessed” with winning the Champions League at the Bernabeu – home of their arch-rivals Real Madrid:
“I experienced what it is like [at Barcelona] , I have won cups – against Betis in 1997 – at the Bernabeu, where everyone was wrapped in Catalan flags I know what it is about, it is anti-Madridismo. It is an obsession,”

I almost believed what he was saying. And I’m blogging about it. That’s the the effect the charismatic leader has. There is some short-term suspension of belief which lasts at least as long as the master is speaking. Listeners are advised to figure out if there is any sense to what’s being said before getting too concerned (‘obsessed’?) with what the great leader is up to.

Outside Mourinho-world, dream contents are generally considered to be fantasy materials. Freud felt there was a scientific interpretation to much of what we are able to access in our dream-states. There are still many who offer and many who seek interpretations of dreams. The leadership literature has favoured the notion that a dream can articulate a desire and become a vision of the future. That seems a bit like Jose’s point.

If he is suggesting that there are dreams (‘pure’) and obsessions (‘impure’) then I can’t buy into the notion. Until new evidence is provided, (step forward the increasingly important neurologist as expert witness) I have to disagree. Dreams, particularly those connected with desires and visions will have been generated though accessed beliefs which may or may not have obsessial characteristics.

Probably if I had been listening as Jose was speaking I would have believed every word he said. His rival manager Pep Guardiola, was captain when Mourinho worked at Barcelona under Bobby Robson. Pep is as cool as Jose is hot. So it’s cool obsession against hot dreams. What is not a dream is the 3-1 advantage to Inter from their home tie with which they start the match against the team many football experts believe to be the best in the world. Worth watching [28th May 2010].

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