A Big Welcome to Albert



Leaders We Deserve is moving its Global Headquarters to Cheshire, England. Our first new recruit is Albert who will play an important integrative role.

Over the last few months, Leaders we deserve has been preparing to move into new premises in the dynamic metropolis of Woodford, Cheshire.

We are delighted to welcome Albert (pictured above) who is currently located on the office’s French window, overlooking the runner-bean plantation.

Albert is part of a distributed leadership team, and is currently helping in the identification of his [?] responsibilities.


5 Responses to A Big Welcome to Albert

  1. Tudor,

    My Little Pink Ant character began as a bed-time story for my daughter, but the “garden” is much like the human world and the idea has developed (and continues to do so) into one about “power”.

    You should think about developing the “Albert” idea. I am not sure that you could claim a snail to be wise (like a owl), but what about ponderous (1. of great weight; heavy; massive. 2. awkward or unwieldy: He carried a ponderous burden on his back. 3. dull and labored: a ponderous dissertation.) creature with occassional great insights into life.

    I could introduce Albert into my The Little Pink Ant stories.

    I am glad that you seem to have got yourself a good “retirement village”!!!


  2. P.S. The Little Pink Ant is the antidote to “dictators” (as per website_

  3. Lesley Gilchrist says:

    Hi Tudor, all the best for the future. Thought I’d let you know that I have just taken delivery of much improved digital hearing aids. I know from our conversations in West before I moved to East that you had sympathy with me on this and that you also had problems. Originally I remember you saying that your heart was set on getting an old fashioned ear trumpet fitting of a University Professor. However, if you ever get the chance to be fitted for hearing aids on the NHS, take up the offer as you will never look back.
    Regards to Sue.

  4. Tudor,

    Albert and The Little Pink Ant have met — with a surprising result:


  5. Can Albert be contacted by text and email? Or just by snail mail?

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